Kentuckians might want to be aware that Operation Safe Driver Week is scheduled for the week of Oct. 16 - 22. The event, which will be put on by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Administration in tandem with local law enforcement agencies across the country, is meant to heighten driver awareness of poor driving behaviors.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 88 percent of large truck collisions happen because of poor driving behaviors. The agency also found that 93 percent of collisions involving passenger vehicles are also caused by bad driving behaviors. The week aims to reduce the incidence of accidents through enforcement actions aimed at a variety of different driving activities.

During the week, law enforcement agencies across the nation will engage in stepped-up enforcement of traffic laws. Officers will watch for many different things, including speeding, running red lights or stop signs, following too closely, cutting off others in traffic, failing to wear seat belts and more. In addition to enforcement actions, law enforcement agencies and the Commercial Vehicle Safety Administration will also engage in educational efforts aimed at improving driver behaviors while drivers are in or driving near large trucks.

When a large truck causes an accident with a passenger vehicle, the people inside of the vehicle have a much higher risk of being seriously injured. If someone is killed in an accident caused by a negligent truck driver, their family might want to speak with a personal injury attorney. A lawyer may be able to help such a client with filing a wrongful death civil lawsuit against both the truck driver as well as his or her employer. After filing the suit, the attorney may advocate to secure the maximum settlement amount or jury award.