Kentucky parents may be alarmed to hear that teenagers throughout the country are almost three times more likely than any other age group to die in a traffic fatality. Furthermore, after fatalities from motor vehicle accidents were on a steady decline from 2007 to 2014, in 2015, they went up 7.2 percent. This was the largest percentage increase in 50 years, and experts have been asking why fatalities are on the rise while cars come equipped with more safety equipment than ever before.

It is believed that human error is to blamel. When the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration examined causes of the 2015 fatal accidents, it found that speeding, not wearing seat belts and driving while impaired were among them. However, no human factor was as common as distracted driving. It was responsible for nearly 9 percent of the fatal accidents in 2015, but a study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that more than half of serious accidents involving teens may be due to distracted driving.

More public education is needed, and parents can also model safe driving behavior for their teenagers. For example, they can stop using their cellphones when they are driving. They can also tell their teens to speak up when they are in the car with a driver who is not paying attention to the road.

Despite these precautions, serious accidents may happen, and even when the accidents are not fatal, the consequences and injuries can be devastating. A person who is injured may be unable to work again for a long period of time and may have dependents. Medical expenses could be overwhelming. When the accident was caused by a distracted driver, the victim may want the help of a lawyer in seeking compensation for these and other losses through a personal injury lawsuit.