Millennial drivers may have the worst driving habits, according to a report by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. Motorists in Kentucky and the rest of the country should be aware that some of the dangerous behaviors millennials engage in while driving can include speeding, running red lights and texting. In the report, 88 percent of millennial drivers admitted to engaging in such behavior during the previous month.

This information comes to light as driving is becoming more dangerous. The number of traffic fatalities increased to 35,092 in 2015, which represents a hike of 7 percent over 2014 and the largest one-year increase in 50 years.

The data was collected via a survey conducted on 2,511 drivers from Aug. 25-Sept. 6, 2016. The responses indicate that millennials type or send an email or text while driving almost twice as much as other drivers. Almost half the millennial drivers admitted to running a red light despite having enough time to stop safely while only 36 percent of other drivers acknowledged doing so. 5 percent of non-millennial drivers stated it was acceptable to speed 10 miles an hour over a school zone speed limit compared to the nearly 12 percent of millennials who said the same, almost twice the amount of drivers.

The results of the survey also indicate that many drivers admit to doing the same risky driving behaviors that they condemn in others. For example, 78.2 percent of drivers stated that reading an email or text while driving was completely unacceptable, yet 40.2 percent of them professed to doing it themselves at some time during the previous month.

Individuals who sustain injuries in car accidents because of the negligent driving behaviors of others should speak with a personal injury attorney. The attorney may work to obtain financial compensation for his or her client's medical expenses that resulted from the accident.