Which one was your favorite? Was it the year you were a ballerina or a lady bug? And do you remember the house that always gave out the FULL-sized candy bars? Mom said no candy until she inspected it. But we know that was more because Mom was going to swipe a few Reese's for herself. Now that you're the mom, do you know how to keep your little princess safe?

Dog bites happen. And with the frenzy of activity on Halloween, even the sweetest dogs can go on high alert. Protection is bred into them and while you know the night is all about fun, a dog might not. Here are some easy things to remember to keep your holiday both happy and healthy:

Dogs aren't in costume: It may sound obvious, but if you are out with your kids, remember that someone's dog is not part of the festivities. Even if you know the dog, it is unlikely the dog will recognize who you are in costume. Stay back and stay safe.

Stay back and stay safe, part 2: This isn't just for the street. If you approach a house where a dog is on a leash and the owner is not close by, move on. There is plenty more candy at the next houses down. Risking a bite for a Butterfinger is just not worth it.

Never run toward a dog: And similarly, don't run away. If someone opens their door and a dog is standing there, no matter how much your kid loves dogs, don't allow your child to move toward the dog. The dog might see sudden moves as a threat against their owner and go into attack mode. Similarly, if a dog runs up to you, don't run way. The dog may take this as a sign of fear and run right after you. Stay still with your arms crossed and wait for the dog to leave or for the owner to retrieve him.

Dogs are our beloved best friends, and generally dogs don't bite. But when an atmosphere is unpredictable and energy is elevated as it is on Halloween, it is better to be safe, rather than sorry.